Is Mraz a “Monk” Fan?

I was watching “Monk” earlier, the “Leap and a net will appear” episode where Natalie tries to convince Monk that if he takes a big risk in his life, it will pay off.

The first time I heard “Make It Mine” and Jason sang “Leap and a net will appear” I wondered if he was a “Monk” fan. Then I thought it would be great if in the video it showed him leaping into the arms of Annette Funicello. (Leap and Annette will appear. Get it? Yeah, it’s not that funny.)

Then I thought about what a dork I was to be laughing so hard at that.

Whether or not Jason was inspired by Tony Shalhoub, the messages are still the same: Try something new, step outside of your comfort zone, and good things can happen. I’ve felt the need to leap lately, just not sure where. Into a new job? New city? Maybe just a new hobby?

I wanna celebrate the whole world,


3 responses to “Is Mraz a “Monk” Fan?

  • Teri

    Quite the contrary, I think the Annette visual is hilarious. I leapt into beginning ballet and it kicked my ass both mentally and physically, so I can only recommend that avenue if you like a good thorough ass kicking (which some people do). I’m not quite sure what my net was in that experience, except that it didn’t kill me so theoretically I’m stronger now…?

    Anyway, thanks again for the tip from before your trip Down Under. The sound on the Ootmarsum show is phenomenal, and it’s interesting comparing it to his 1/15/03 Schuba’s show where both his attitude and voice were darker and less refined – it’s a different energy and both shows move me in different ways. Aside from that it was a giant obsessive easter egg hunt for me, going through and finding the unreleased songs & disco versions & improv songs & covers & live versions & acoustic versions & trio versions & solo versions of songs I only had studio tracks of, etc etc. A fanatic’s fantasy land – good times!

    Send out your Ray of Sunshine (a new favorite for sure!).

  • Jade

    I was thinking the same thing when I was watching a Monk marathon a while ago! This was one of the two thoughts in my mind when I heard that. Either that, or “leap and a net will appear” is a common saying among psychologists. I wish I knew the truth, but I’m no psychologist.

  • Teri

    Ok completely unrelated but is Eminem spoofing Mraz in his new We Made You video? The lyrics are “Jennifer’s in Love with me John Mayer so sit on the bench / Man I swear them other guys you give ‘em an inch / They take a mile, they got style, but it isn’t Slim” and he’s wearing a hat – Mayer doesn’t ever wear hats does he? – and my boyfriend says Eminem may just see guys like Mraz & Mayer as all the same. Pretty funny idea to think of Mraz being anywhere near Eminem’s consciousness.

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