Command Performance: Jason Mraz

mraz-commandHas it really been almost two weeks since my last post? Damn. And there’s so much Mraz fun to share.

To start with, Sargent Nick Hobbs interviewed Jason for the Armed Forces, which is interesting. I had no idea the Pentagon had an entertainment channel.

Word of the day: “Jaunty”


One response to “Command Performance: Jason Mraz

  • Maureen

    Glad you’re back, Lisa! I was missing your interesting Mraz links. Where on earth do you find these things? The last place I’d expect to see J do an interview would be with the Pentagon! Loved it, though. I especially loved his answer to the question about dealing with the loneliness of being away from home….well said, Jason!
    P.S. Only 10 days til Vegas!!!! Have you decided to go yet?

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