Jason Mraz: Live in Manchester Pre-Order

mraz-karaokeI’ve been way too beat down by work lately to have enough positive energy to write anything Mraz related. Doesn’t that bite? To be in a workplace that leaves you feeling tense and queasy every day so that all you want to do when you get home is crawl under the covers and hide?

Anyway, there may be a change coming soon, so for now I’m tuning my co-workers out, turning Mraz on (heh), and dropping lots of money on high-quality chocolate, my own personal happy drug.

You probably already saw the Jason Mraz Karaoke thing that came out a while ago. Upload a video of you singing some Mraz on YouTube before April 1st and maybe win tickets to the Vegas show.


If you aren’t a singer though, you can shell out a few bucks and definitely have some Mraz stuff sent to you. His April 3rd (I think) show in Manchester, England is going to be recorded and sold immediately afterward by Concert Live.

It’s a pretty good idea, considering all the dismal things you hear about massive declines in record sales. Record live shows and let people buy the CDs on their way out of the venue, or online if they didn’t make it to the show. It’s a way better souvenir than a shirt you’ll never really wear.

Sure, on the one hand, there are dozens of Jason’s shows that you can download for free, so why buy this one? On the other hand, I’ve downloaded lots of Jason’s shows for free, so I don’t mind buying this one. I thought the shipping might be a killer coming from the U.K., but even if you get the bundle (live CD plus bonus CD plus some other stuff) it’s just £12.00, whch comes out to US$20.

Not a bad deal. Plus, I love to know I’ve got mail on the way.

If I knew all the words, I would write myself out of here,


2 responses to “Jason Mraz: Live in Manchester Pre-Order

  • Maureen

    Sorry to hear work is killing you softly. That sucks. Hope it gets better soon. Keep listening to Jason, though, he can always sing me through the bad times. I guess that just suggests that this is just what happiness is 🙂

  • Ann Icard

    Just trying to keep up with work has been taxing, to say the least. Things have gotten so much better now that I have had a couple nights of sleep. It has done wonders for my chakras.

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