Hello From Auckland

Jason is featured in a Kiwi music magazine.

Jason is featured in a Kiwi music magazine.

Hi Guys,

I’m back in Auckland after four really good days in Sydney. I marched/danced in the Mardi Gras parade there and it was incredible. You haven’t lived until thousands of people have shouted and cheered for you, taken your picture and made you feel like royalty.

If you ever have a chance to be in a gay parade, do it. Doesn’t matter if you’re straight, it’s just a really good time.

Also in Sydney I met up with my friend, Heather, who is the one who did yoga with Jason. She said one of the reps from his music label practices at her studio and brought him in when he was in town last. She spoke very highly of his form and said that while he may not have been perfect at everything, he seemed very keen to learn and improve. That’s our Mraz, open to new things and always trying his best.

Sounds like lots of people got Mraz-Morrison tickets, but who has an extra for me?

I come from a land Down Under,


6 responses to “Hello From Auckland

  • Teri

    Jazzercise is using I’m Yours for an oblique routine in their new set. And I still can’t get used to hearing it in the Verizon commercials. It’s just so…commercial.

  • Maureen

    And how fun would it have been to have marched along J and Toca in that “Free The Weed” parade, right??? My daughter is planning on going with me to Vegas for the show but if she has to cancel-cancel on me at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances, I’d be more than happy to offer you her ticket. I live in the High Desert of Southern California but have no idea where you call home, so is this even a remote possibility? Lemme know because I’m all about helping a fellow fan whenever I can.
    Skinny at times but fat (or is it “phat”?) for the rhymes,
    Maureen 🙂

  • Maureen

    Oh, and Teri! I’m feeling you on the whole “commercialization of Jason” thing. Whenever I turn someone new on to him, they always just listen to “I’m Yours” and say, “Yeah, he’s good, kinda like Jack Johnson” and I always have to tell them to listen further because, in my opinion, Jason is SO much more than “I’m Yours”. I simply refuse to categorize or commercialize him because how can you do that to a lyrical genius of his caliber? HOW, I ASK YOU!!! LOL! On the real, if Jazzercise really wanted to tear things up and increase the fat-burn, they should form a routine around “Dynamo Of Volition”….am I right or am I RIGHT???

  • Teri

    So inspired and emboldened by Mraz, I am finally learning to swim at 34 yrs old. I was feeling down on myself last week because I felt like I’d backslid in my progress some, and was tempted to just resign myself to being a land animal, but tried to focus on the progress I HAD made and just keep trying.

    Tonight in class I was paired with an angel named Mark who unfortunately still couldn’t get me traveling with the whip kick but was such a fantastic teacher at the arm technique for the breast stroke that next thing I knew the instructor was asking me to demonstrate MY arm technique in the water in front of everyone! I don’t know what parallel universe that was that we skipped to for a moment, but the glimpse of it was like pure oxygen.

    So then I’m in the locker room after my shower and I’m thinking it’s odd to hear muffled music coming from the pool area because they don’t usually play music there, and as my brain unmuffled it sure enough it was… I’m Yours.

    Sorry it had to be a long story, but all that’s left to say is that Mraz works in wonderful, mysterious ways, and thanks Lisa for providing a Space where anyone might give a damn about a Mraz experience.

    Leap and the net will appear.

  • curbsideprophecies

    Hey Teri,

    That’s awesome about your swim class. I love being called out to demonstrate something because I’m doing it so well. My favorite college memory (academic memory anyway) was in a journalism class when we all had to write a lead to a story and the instructor stopped in front of my computer, read mine to the class and said, “That’s what you all should be doing.”

    I’m still super insecure about my writing, but it’s nice to know that sometimes I get it right.


  • Teri

    Yeah – once for a jazz history class I had to attend a live performance & write about it and when the TA handed back my paper he said to the class “This is how you do it” or something to that effect. No shame in holding on to small victories, since we can’t all have the big ones. : )

    But at least you can say, no matter what happens tomorrow, that your writing drew at least 110,316 visits to the curb, plus however many more to your travel blog.

    Cheers to our own little tables at the Gratitude Cafe.

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