Mraz on Ellen: You Probably Missed It

jason_colbie_ellenTeri wrote last week to ask why there wasn’t any notice that Jason was going to perform on “Ellen” with Colbie Caillat. That’s a very good question.

I did get an email last week announcing that there’s a new Jason Mraz shirt for sale – which is actually a drawing of President Obama, and not really that much of a Mraz shirt at all – but I got nothing about any TV appearances.

Here’s an open letter to whoever is in charge of Mraz’ website and email blasts:

Dear Sir or Madam,

It seems you are having trouble keeping Jason’s fan base updated on his schedule. If you are in need of some extra help to keep things moving, please drop me a note. Because it’s such a worthy cause, I’ll only charge you half of my usual web service fee. Actually, throw in a few free tickets and things, and we’ll call it even.



5 responses to “Mraz on Ellen: You Probably Missed It

  • epolapol

    oh my! why why and why??? even his journals are not posted on time… oh well!

    btw, thanks super Lisa! If I haven’t been checking your site regularly, I would have missed a whole lot more!

    la la la love this! 😉


  • Maureen

    I’m certain you could do a better job handling J’s website, Lisa. Did you catch the post from a while ago that called him “James”? Thank goodness it disappeared quickly.

  • Teri

    Tonight’s group of American Idol finalists singing a horrible group rendition of I’m Yours just prior to 9 of them getting their hearts broken in front of millions? Guess Mraz really is Big Time now…

  • lori78

    Thank you, thank you for this…been looking for a video with colbie and jason together live! Finally!!! This post is a heaven sent!

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