Being Jason Mraz’ Mom Pays Off

mraz_mom_blingThis article was just sent to me – thank you very much, Mr. Roop.

Read about how Jason’s mom got ready for Grammy night. She had more than $50,000 in jewelry offered to her (on loan), but then some red tape got in the way so she was only able to take the $18,500 earrings. A pity, eh?

She looks lovely, even without the extra jewels, and as proud as a parent could be. I just wish they’d asked her what she thinks of  “Love for a Child”. Did she put his dad out on his ass? Or the other way around?

I’m far to old to care about that now,


3 responses to “Being Jason Mraz’ Mom Pays Off

  • Maureen

    Thanks for the link to that article, I liked it! Your “Love For A Child” references cracked me up big time. Your neck must be feeling better???

  • Teri

    Hey so did anyone notice Did You Get My Message? used in the He’s Just Not That Into You trailers? Only geeks like us would have recognized the song from its intro and how it was such a great fit with the technology-themed trailers – shame it didn’t make it onto the final soundtrack since I don’t know where else in the world this quirky oldie would be so appropriate.

  • Misty

    He looks just like his mom. He has her eyes and smile so of course she’s pretty.

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