Jason Mraz Tours Australia! Again!

mraz_bw_onstageJason must have the travel bug wicked bad. (I lived in Boston for seven years. Sometimes a “wicked” just pops out like that.)

The guy was on tour for what, like eight months straight last year? He took a little time off for the holidays, did SNL, he’s off to the Grammy’s this weekend, then squeezing in shows in Rhode Island, Indiana and Illinois, then flying to Japan for a mini Asia tour, and then starting in March he’s headed to Europe for a dozen or so shows.

Now Mraz has announced that April will take him back to the Land Down Under for an Australian tour, which just so figures, because I’m going to be in New Zealand and Australia from the end of February to mid-March, missing him by just a few weeks. I really wish he’d give us a little more notice.

Then Jason is coming back this way for shows in Nashville and Vegas. Before heading back to Paris.

I would give anything to have his frequent flier miles.

Anyway, speaking of my own holiday, do any Kiwis out there want to give me some tips for traveling the North Island? Things to see and do in Auckland, Taupo, Wellington and places in between? Thanks!

This is the tour page, tour page, it’s all the rage,


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