Mraz Article: San Diego Union-Tribune

arts-mrazJust found this new interview. It was in Sunday’s San Diego Union-Tribune. Nothing earth-shattering in the article, unless the news that Jason Mraz keeps his awards in his bathroom is something that will keep you up at night.

Keep an eye out for more pre-Grammy articles about Jason. It’s almost like people know who he is now. Crazy, hmm?


2 responses to “Mraz Article: San Diego Union-Tribune

  • Maureen

    Always something fresh and fun from this wonderful guy. Loved the article. Thanks for the link, Lisa!

  • Teri

    You’re right the article wasn’t earth-shattering, but I enjoyed the full interview. It’s nice to get to hear someone have a longer conversation with him once in a while, since we usually have to survive on sound bytes. But lordy what is he wearing on his feet? Some odd plaid slipper-sock things – how funny. I also liked that he said if he didn’t write songs one of the things he’d be was “probably overweight”, and that he’s for sure doing another US tour in summer and hoping to complete the new album in fall (YAY!).

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