Jason Mraz Did SNL

mrazsnlyoursDid you catch it last night? What did you think? At first Jason’s voice sounded a little strained, like maybe he was sick or getting over a sore throat, but he pulled it off. Maybe performing with shoes on threw him off.

The goatee is a new look. I dig it. He still looks awfully skinny, but happy.

And Colbie? Eh. I don’t love her, but she did alright, and I do like that she isn’t some little stick figure. She had a very cool skirt on.

Next stop: the Grammys!

Watch the SNL performance.


4 responses to “Jason Mraz Did SNL

  • Misty

    I though he looked really nervous. It almost seemed as if he was trying to hard on the the first song. He looked much more relaxed while singing “Lucky”. That was the Jason I was used to seeing perform. I noticed how skinny he looked also. I saw several comments out there about how manorexic he’s looking. I think he is just super healthy right now, but maybe could use a few more carbs.

  • BaaBaaRaa

    I’d never seen or heard of him before and I thought he was fantastic. Sometimes it takes awhile to warm up to something or someone new (I was there to see the other band), but I thought he was original and wonderful. I think y’all get too picky trying to dream up what a musician is eating or thinking…
    why don’t you just relax and enjoy… and quit trying to act like you know it all… (and of course, anyone would be nervous… it’s called NORMAL)

  • Teri

    I was not digging the facial hair so much – a bit too scraggly for me. At the beginning of I’m Yours I thought his eyes looked weird, first sleepy then glassy as if under the influence of too much… surfing, avocadoes & sex, which is what he’s hopefully OD’ing on before heading out on tour again. I hope he has fun at the Grammys – it’s certainly fun to have someone to be excited for – win or not.

  • Maureen

    Ha! Hey Teri, check out my comment in the previous post….word UP!
    Jason could pretty much be covered in spiders and I’d still want to snuggle with him all night long……purrrrrrrr 🙂

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