Don’t Forget! Mraz on SNL, Jan 31

Hey Everyone,

Just a reminder that Jason will be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live tomorrow, Jan 31. Steve Martin is hosting, so the rest of the show might actually be worth watching.

Mraz SNL


3 responses to “Don’t Forget! Mraz on SNL, Jan 31

  • Lynda

    yeah, i printed that from his website and posted it on my locker door at work. yay! we’re going to have a viewing party, too. only us mraz lovers would do that. 🙂

  • Maureen

    We all know what a great sense of humor J has so I’m really hoping they include him in a few skits like they did when Justin Timberlake hosted but I won’t hold my breath. Do you live near Apple Valley, Southern Cali? I’m so sick of being the ONLY person in my friendship circle who simply adores Jason. What’s the matter with these fools???? Oh, and don’t forget to set your TiVos for the Grammys, too. If those idiots mispronounce his name on the red carpet, there’ll be hell to pay!!! Happy viewing, fellow “Mrazturbators”!!!

  • Maureen

    Okay, so I stayed up to watch Jason and was it just me or did he seem incredibly exhausted-looking? His eyes were so overtired and he kept staring out into the audience with that look that screams, “I just wanna go to sleep!!!” On the first few lines of “I’m Yours” he sounded a bit hoarse as well, poor fella. Didn’t make me lurve him any less, of course, I just wanted to pluck him off that stage and let him fall asleep on my lap while massaging his scalp! I know he’s the hardest working act in the biz but he needs to take a break and just chillax for a while and take care of those precious pipes and go hang in his avo orchards and meditate. Winning a Grammy or two next weekend should help top off things nicely, though!

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