Jason Mraz Does Vegas

Jason will be in Las Vegas May 8-9, 2009 to open for Dave Matthews. I don’t think I’m going to make it to one of those shows, but that’s ok, because I had my own Mraz experience in Vegas this weekend.

I met up with my friend, Chris, who was making his first trip to the States. I imagine going from London to Vegas is about as weird as going from London to Mars, but he seemed to have a pretty good time. We saw Blue Man Group, we gambled a little, we drank more than a little, and we caught as many of the free attractions as possible.

At some point I was talking about all the small trips I made at the end of last year to visit friends and catch Mraz shows. His response was the typical, “Jason who?”

One of the Bellagio's Mraztified speakers.

One of the Bellagio's Mraztified speakers.

But on day two, we were outside the Bellagio, having just watched the water fountains dance around to Celine Dion. (Not the best piece of music the Bellagio has. Honestly, that woman ruins everything.)

After the show finished we decided to head across the street to a couple of the casinos we hadn’t seen yet when over the speakers I heard, “Was it you who spoke the words…

“That’s Jason Mraz!” I told Chris.
“Hmm? Oh, right.” Chris was not enthused, but smiled politely, as charming Englishmen are trained to do.

So Jason serenaded us down the street, cleaning all the Dion out of the air, until we crossed out of the Bellagio’s territory. It was a nice moment, with the sun shining and the skies all blue and hopeful and the guilt of my gambling losses the night before all but gone 🙂

I’m all about them words,


4 responses to “Jason Mraz Does Vegas

  • Maureen

    Loved your story! I am constantly blown away by how many people DON’T know who Jason Mraz is. Seriously. They are missing out on one of life’s biggest and brightest pleasures, as “you and I both” know, right?! I’m torn about buying tickets for the Dave Matthews show because I’m not really a fan of his and only care about seeing Jason. Truth be told, I can’t believe Jason is the ‘opening act’ for anyone. I’d buy tickets instantly if I knew that Jason and Dave would be performing together all night in a “Smothers Brothers”-like fashion (am I dating myself?).
    P.S. If only the Bellagio would dump Celine Dion and play Jason’s music in rhythm with the dancing fountains!!!!

  • Lynda

    i was there in the beginning of december and we walked by an outdoor place with speakers and they played ‘i’m yours’. once i heard it, i was screaming ‘that’s jason mraz’ in a high pitched voice. i do that when i’m overly excited. it was on the side of the strip where all of those people are handing out ‘call this number for a sexy chat’ or something. it’s so skanky. anyway, my friend whom i was with chided me for being too loud. too bad my bestest jason mraz fan friend wasn’t there because we’d stand there until the song was over. for reals.

  • Michele

    Hey…as a relatively new (7 months) Mraz listener/obsessed cougar, I am tickled to find your blog. What a refreshing spot to share a faith-like approach to the Mraz man! I’ve done Vegas, and he is the only reason why I would go back. But thanks for blogging all your thoughts and meanderings and enlightened moments on him…life is wonderful, isn’t it?

  • Ben

    @Maureen: FYI, Jason will be playing the night of the 9th (after the DMB show) at the Palms with James Morrison supporting… thought you might be interested since you said you’re not into Matthews & Co.

    Personally, I’ll be doing my best to see both shows, as I love Mraz, DMB, and James Morrison. In the same day. Hell yes.

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