New Year, New International Tour?

I almost did it, you guys. I came so close.

When Jason’s European tour dates were announced I was looking at maps, thinking about which tickets to buy, telling myself that a 2009 International Friends and Family Tour through England, Germany, France and Spain was just the logical next step from my 2008 domestic tour.

But then I thought about all the other things I could do with the time and money, and I considered how cold and gross it will be in March, and I came to my senses.

Sydney Opera HouseSo I’m going to New Zealand and Australia instead :) It’s summer there.

This trip is not Mraz related in any way, it’s just an opportunity that came up when a friend offered me a free plane ticket. I have a friend in Christchurch I haven’t seen in almost ten years and several friends in Sydney from when I was going to school there, so it is a Friends Tour, but without the music this time.

So, if anybody has tips for having a good time in Auckland in late February/early March, let me know. I’ll be in Sydney in time for Mardi Gras, so I’ve got that city covered.

I gotta leave town, Mr. Nally,


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