“Lucky” New Video for 2009

This actually came out in 2008, but I could only squeeze in so many updates before the new year.


Lucky” is the duet between Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. Jason Mraz is in this video. Colbie Caillat is in this video. At no point are they within, say, 7,000 miles of each other.

I imagine the idea for this video went something like:

Music Exec 1: “I’m Yours” is running out of steam. How do we capitalize on the feel-good Mraz thing?

Music Exec 2: Let’s push “Lucky” while people still remember who Colbie Caillat is.

#1: The wrinkly nose chick?

#2: Yeah.

#1: Great. Get them into a studio.

#2: Uh, Mraz is in Europe for the next few weeks. How about we throw him in a suit and file him wandering some charming cobblestone streets? That’s romantic.

#1: Perfect. And we’ll get her on a beach, looking dreamy and wearing white. That’s romantic too.

#2: It’ll be a hit!

It’s actually a little weird and disjointed, and Jason looks like he just came from high school jazz band practice with that white tie. I do dig his crazy hair though, and it’s always fun to have something new.

I’ll put a flower in your hair,


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