2008: The Year in Jason Mraz

In case you missed some of them, here are Jason’s highlights from 2008.


Mraz Steal ThingsFebruary

  • We find out that not only is a new album on the way, three mini albums (“a trio of exclusive EP releases”) are going to lead up to it. It’s Easter, Christmas and Talk Like a Pirate Day all at once. What, you don’t give Pirate Day gifts?






  • Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” comes out. Jason Mraz is not in it, but NPH is, and it’s the best thing I saw on a screen all year. Except maybe “Skins”, but that’s like comparing joyful apples and evil watermelons. It’s on DVD now, and makes an excellent “sorry I forgot to get you a Christmas gift” gift.
  • Jason replaces Jack Black in Tenacious D.
  • I discover the joy that is James Morrison.
Sing it, Captain!

Sing it, Captain!





  • My Mraz tour continues, and while it’s hard to pick a favorite show, I think Seattle comes close. It was a good crowd, I had my best seats of the tour, and Jason had a really warm, happy post-election groove.


  • Jason is nominated for not one, but three Grammys! Incredible. People everywhere still say, “Jason who? Oh, that “I’m Yours” guy. Right. I think I like him.”
  • Jason ends the year with the greatest holiday video ever. Happy couple of days.

Here’s hoping for more Mrazaliciousness in 2009. Whatever that is.



One response to “2008: The Year in Jason Mraz

  • Maureen

    Thanks for the re-cap! My parting thoughts:
    1. “Mrazturbators” is my new favorite word. Seriously.
    2. Polaroid is discontinuing the making of Polaroid film. What is Jason going to do at the end of all his shows from now on?
    3. I am practically praying that J wins the Grammy for Song of the Year.

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