Mraz Makes VH1 Top 5 for 2008

mrazonvh1This isn’t very new news, but I wanted to put it up before the year is over. Jason took spot number four on the VH1 Top 100 Videos of 2008 countdown with “I’m Yours”.

Maybe, someday, another song of his will get played on TV. If not, at least we can say we all tasted success with him in 2008.


2 responses to “Mraz Makes VH1 Top 5 for 2008

  • Maureen

    The new video for “Lucky” was posted on today. I love that song and both J and Colbie look so amazing but I hate that the video was so obviously shot in 2 completely separate locations without any interaction between the two.
    Jason looks gorgeous as per usual and very dapper with his dress shirt, tie and sexy fauxhawk thang goin’ on but it would have been a great video ending to see him and Colbie running into each other’s arms or something with a warm embrace. Goodness gracious, is he EVER coming home from Europe???

  • Maureen

    ….Oh, and P.S…….Add “How in hideous musical HELL does Kid Rock or Pink EVER top Jason Mraz at ANYTHING?” as the 8th freaking wonder of the world!

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