Jason Mraz on Regis and Kelly

mraz_regisI’m a bit behind, but if you haven’t seen it yet, Jason’s performance on Regis and Kelly from December 11 is now available on their site. Click the tab for 2008 Performances and he’s just a few down on the list.

He’s playing his “brand new” hit, “I’m Yours”, but it’s an acoustic version with just him and Toca, which is a really nice change from the radio version that we’ve all heard a few dozen times too many.

Actually, when I was in Florida I mentioned to my friend that I couldn’t believe how often I was hearing the song, and she said she didn’t think she’d heard it on the radio at all. Then I got back to California, and the next morning my radio alarm went off just as “I’m Yours” came on. It was like it was tuned up and all ready to go for me.

Then I went to drop off film and the song came on as I walked into the photo place. Then I got back in my car and there it was again. Is it following us somehow? Or do we just have very good timing?

I drew a new face and I laughed,


2 responses to “Jason Mraz on Regis and Kelly

  • Maureen

    Between the “Mir-RATZ” and the “Took-key”, I’m fit to be tied! Seriously? A freaking spider monkey could do a better job pronouncing “Mraz” and “Toca”…they’re both spelled PHONETICALLY for cripe sake! Blurgh……

  • Maureen

    LISA!!! You must go to jasonmraz.com and see J’s holiday message/song……it is freaking hilarious! As hard as he tries to look nerdy with his hair all slicked back-like, I think he looks hotter than ever, that sexy little rascal. There’s this split-second in the beginning right before he starts singing where his eyes cross and it makes me laugh so hard.
    Put your balls into it (best line from a Christmas song ever),
    Maureen 🙂

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