Jason Mraz: Grammy Nominee?

grammyWell here’s something I never thought would happen. “I’m Yours” was nominated for a Grammy for both Song of the Year and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. I wouldn’t have known except Maureen was kind enough to leave a comment for me with the news.

It’s funny, because this morning I read an article at SFGate.com about how this year’s poor field of nominees in all categories was a sign of how terribly dull music has become, and I thought, “What a shame that Jason will never be popular enough to get any kind of award.”

Then I thought it really wasn’t that much of a shame, because do we really want him lumped in with Justin Timberlake and the Jonas Brothers?

And now I find out that he was nominated, but of course it’s for a song that’s a few years old, and isn’t nearly as good as most of what he’s done. (In my opinion. Others are free to disagree.)

Still, it’s exciting to see him get some kind of recognition. And maybe he’ll show up at the awards barefoot.

Update, 12/6/08: Turns out Jason actually got three nominations. I didn’t see the one for Best engineered album (non-classical), but Maureen is on top of things for us. Thanks!

Listen to the music of the moment, dance and sing,


9 responses to “Jason Mraz: Grammy Nominee?

  • Maureen

    Wow, thanks for the cred! I completely agree with your comments, too. I had to laugh when I saw Jason nominated alongside Kid Rock…..OMG, seriously…..KID ROCK??? I bet J’s getting a kick out of the whole thing, since he seems like such a humble character and all. Oh, and we seem to share our fondness for a barefoot Mraz……why is he like 38% more adorable with his shoes off? WHY???

  • Maureen

    Oops, my bad….guess J got 3 noms instead of 2, the last being for “Best Engineered Album (non-classical)”. Weird category but he deserves to win all three in my opinion! Now if only I could score a gig as one of those seat-fillers at the Grammys this year……

  • daimira

    I agree with your comments. It’s great to see Jason recognized, but kind of funny to be nominated for Song of the YEAR for something that’s old and Best Male Pop Vocal for something that — for HIM, by HIS normal vocal standards — is actually easy to sing, LOL.

  • Matt

    Well, I’m Yours is a new song for most people. And it’s by far his most popular song, so there’s really no other song that he could have been nominated for. I completely agree with you all that it’s nowhere near his best, but it’s what people know.

    I too am glad to see him getting recognized. Especially when living here in Europe, it means we’ll get to see him a lot more when his popular. Just gotta hope the shows won’t be filled with the hit songs instead of the great ones.

    • curbsideprophecies

      Hey Matt,

      No, there’s no other song that could be nominated since he hasn’t had any other songs get picked up on the radio. I think “Make It Mine” was supposed to be the new single, but I haven’t heard it anywhere.

      Jason just announced his 2009 European tour dates. Where are you? Will you be able to catch one of his shows? I’m debating about taking a short vacation in March and catching a Mraz show or two in between museums, nightclubs and other sights.

      He’s been throwing in some of his older songs on this tour. You can get set lists on my blog to see which ones have come up so far.

      Thanks for writing!

  • Debbie

    I hope he wins the “best engineered album”. I think that’s the best out of what he’s been nominated for. “We sing. We dance. We steal things” is a great album. He deserves a Grammy.

  • Alicia

    Hey everyone,

    on the german Mraz Page there is a new video for Make It Mine. Guess it was shot in Europe, mostly at german public places 🙂

    Just visit: http://www.my-artist.net/jasonmraz/home
    and watch the video on the right hand side.

    I hope you enjoy it! It brings all those euphoric tour feelings back to me.

    And Lisa, I might be travelling through Europe next spring as well. That was a very good idea. Jason is coming to a lot of places worth visiting!


  • Matt

    Hey Lisa,

    sorry, I completely missed your reply was another comment and not email (just noticed now when I was going over my comments), I hope you got my mail 🙂

    I’m seeing Jason two times in France, first Paris (L’Olympia), then Toulouse!

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