Review: Mraz at the Florida Theater, Jacksonville, December 2, 2008

Here’s the set list. More details to come tomorrow.

Please note: The role of Ian Sheridan was being played by Bruce Hughes tonight. First we lose Adam King, now this. At least Toca isn’t going anywhere, right?

1. Make it Mine
2. Remedy -> Wonderwall
3. If It Kills Me (minus the usual funny intro)
4. Who Needs Shelter
5. Life is Wonderful
6. A Beautiful Mess
7. Winter Wonderland (Yay for holiday surprises!)
8. Live High
9. Dynamo of Volition
10. Iā€™m Yours -> Three Little Birds
11. Lucky (with Anya Marina)
12. Unfold
14. No Stopping Us -> Invisible Gum bit
15. Butterfly

Some notes:

  • Eric Hinojosa looks really good in a suit. More men should wear suits.
  • Jason looks really good barefoot. Maybe more men should go barefoot in suits.
  • Anya Marina was ok, but she was no Lisa Hannigan. Mraz never shared a mic with LH during “Lucky”, which made it seem like a very distant duet, but it was pretty. With Mraz and Anya sharing a mic it just felt crowded, and her voice is too little girl for me. I don’t know if I’ve seen him do a duet that I loved since he toured with Tristan Prettyman, but we don’t need to dig up old history.
  • I can’t believe he did “Unfold”. Talk about a flashback. The most vivid memory I have of that song is from a Boston show in 2003. (I think. I’ll have to check on that.) That was back when the shows didn’t seem as planned, when there was more improvisation. I appreciate the time traveling experience, and it was a perfect lead-in to “No Stopping Us”.
  • Those older songs are making me think of other things I haven’t heard him play in ages. I should make up my own Mraz Dream Set List – then we can all compare wish lists.
  • This was one of the rowdiest, craziest crowds I’ve seen at a Mraz show. Not crazy about him, but just crazy and loud in general. For example, does anyone know what was up with the wild girl in the front row of the balcony who had to be subdued by five guards and carried away? It was high drama, but I was glad it didn’t end with her jumping over the side, which she seemed close to doing.

This was my last show for 2008, and the end of my personal Friends and Family Tour. Read up on the other shows I hit this year for more set lists and saucy details. I’ll do an overall tour recap in a day or two when I’m back home.

10 responses to “Review: Mraz at the Florida Theater, Jacksonville, December 2, 2008

  • Alicia

    He did Unfold? Hmm… I’m jealous now šŸ™‚
    That song definitely heads my wishlist!
    The Pre-Sale for Jason’s european spring tour just started. That will be my fourth show in 12 months – that is so super cool and feels so unreal!

    Bong, bong, bong!

  • nik

    any idea who they had playing the background (during multimedia show & xbox commercials) before anya & jason came out. she was a girl, folksy, indie-like…

  • Sadie

    I was totally there for the crazy balcony girl drama! I was in the row right behind her, but not directly behind her. Where did you see the drama from? Basically, she was dancing like she was a stripper, and don’t know if u remember, but she wasn’t really the stripper-type. EVERYONE was laughing at her at first, but I think everyone started to get annoyed when she was dancing like that to every song. I agree with you about her going over the railings! She leaned over them so many times!! I personally think that when the 3 guys from the band came up to the balcony to play (forgot which song), they were escorted by a security guard, who obviously saw what was going on. I think he made the call for backup. Then, during Dynamo of Volition, they literally had to drag her because she couldn’t stand on her own. The next thing I know, I turned around and they’re (yes, about 4 or 5 cops) handcuffing her. Crazy!

    And I totally think “Lucky” felt crowded too. I think they should’ve been at separate mics to give the feel of the song being about people communicating from distant places. But nonetheless, a great show!

  • Teri

    Thanks for the info Lisa, and for all the times you post links to your older posts that are related too – makes for a very comprehensive blog. : ) Wish I could have gone to the Fillmore concert in April but my Mrazmania hadn’t started yet. From your account I would have loved to see him strolling around and mingling so freely though, and I also would have loved to see those older shows you mentioned that were less structured & more improvisational.

    But you were totally right I’m amazed and excited to see he has more tour planned for 2009 already, so Mraz willing I’ll get more chances to enjoy him next year. It’s nice to know that he’s not burnt out after this year, and still having such a ball he thinks he’ll only need a month or so to recup before starting round 2. Guess it just proves the restorative power of coming from a place of gratitude. And it must be nice to love what you do so much.

  • curbsideprophecies

    Hey Sadie,

    I was about three rows behind her, one section over. My friend and I noticed her right away and at first I thought she must be on something, or was just really feeling the spirit or the show, but she only looked to be about 16, and there was a woman with her who kept yanking her back and yelling at her to sit down. I figured if she was there with her mother then she probably wasn’t drunk or anything, but maybe she had other issues.

    I think we should just hope that she’s doing well, and that the next time Jason comes around, she manages to get through the whole show without incident. I thought it was a shame that the person who seemed to be enjoying herself most in the whole theater had to miss half of his act šŸ™‚

    Glad you had a good time. Thanks for writing!


  • curbsideprophecies

    Hi Nik,

    A quick Google tells me that the song from the Xbox “Live Your Moment” commerical is “Lights Go On” by the company (not a band) Robot Repair. You can learn more about it here:

    If you’re talking about the music in between all that, it was Lisa Hannigan, Jason’s opening act for the first two-thirds or so of this tour. She’s sort of an Irish Bjork, and very worth checking out.


  • Maureen

    “I’m Yours” was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Male Pop Performance and Song of the Year” categories!!! YAY!!!

  • Sadie


    It’s funny because before the show, when they went to their seats, the lady was the one who was drunk (she even felt the need to tell us she had too much alcohol). The girl was the “normal” one actually helping the lady walk. I honestly thought the lady would be the problem during the show. Then when they came back when the show started, it was totally opposite: the lady was “normal” and the girl was crazy! But the girl was definitely on something…you could see it in her face. And I can imagine EVERYONE in the balcony saw her since she was in the front row. And when security came to take her away, I looked over at the floor level, and everyone was looking up at the drama!! Haha, I swear Toca was watching her the whole time…even though he had shades on, you could tell his head was facing upward…wonder what he was thinking?

    Anyway, great blog…enjoy reading from a fellow fan! Did you go to Orlando show too?

    • curbsideprophecies

      Nope, no Orlando show for me. This trip was mostly to visit a friend of mine in Jacksonville and take her to her first Mraz show. She loved it, so it was vacation time well spent.

      And yeah, I’m pretty sure Toca was watching, and I thought I saw Jason sort of do a double-take and chuckle a bit too. I’m sure he’s seen all kinds of things from the stage, but that girl was something else.

      Thanks for all the extra details. I was hoping someone out there would be able to fill me in.

  • nik


    Thanks so much..Lisa Hannigan, will definitely check out!

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