David Tennant: A Two-Hearted Heartbreaker

tennant_quitsJen was kind enough to ruin my day a couple of weeks ago by sending me news that David Tennant had officially quit Doctor Who. *Imagine me shoving an imaginary knife through my heart here.*

It’s cool, Jen. I was bound to hear it somewhere eventually 🙂
The last rumor I’d heard was that they agreed to put the series on hold for a year so that he could do other things then come back to it, but I guess that didn’t work out.
I’m disappointed, but then again, we’re so far behind in the States, we still have a year’s worth of Doctor Who coming to us. And I was completely devastated when Christopher Eccleston left, decided I would never watch the show again, then promptly fell head-over-heels for David Tennant after one episode of him in jammies. (“It’s a fightin’ hand!”)
So maybe it will be ok, or maybe it will suck. I’ll be sad not to have a weekly dose of DT, but hopefully he’ll be busy with other projects that will allow him to be goofy and sexy for us.
Season Four comes out on DVD next Tuesday, November 18th. I preordered on Amazon ages ago and plan to spend Thanksgiving day giving thanks for my favorite Doctor. And eating truffles. Truffles are a must.
“Hullo, ok,” (weird grunt) “New teeth… That’s weird.”

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