Review: Mraz at the Paramount Theater, Seattle, November 9, 2008

paramountLast week I said that Jason Mraz does not control the weather. Apparently, I do.

When I got to Seattle Friday night it was drizzly, but every time my friend, Canadian Chris, and I went out to do something this weekend, it dried up. I guess it’s just the California sunshine I brought with me.

Tonight’s show was full of smiles (I think Jason is still riding an Obama high), happy thoughts and high energy. Here’s the set list:

1. Make it Mine
2. Remedy -> Wonderwall
3. Only Human
4. Music to Watch Girls By
5. If It Kills Me
6. Mary Jane (Rick James cover)
7. Bella Luna
8. A Beautiful Mess
9. Live High (with local choir – Jason introduced them but all I heard was “Tabernacle”. Did anyone else catch who they were?)
10. Oh Happy Day (with local choir)
11. Dynamo of Volition
12. I’m Yours -> Three Little Birds (with local choir)
13. Lucky (with Phoenix from the audience)
14. Build Me Up Buttercup
15. No Stopping Us -> Invisible Gum bit -> Copacabana/Toca Rivera
16. Butterfly
17. Song for a Friend (with local choir)

  • Lisa Hannigan wasn’t feeling very well, so although she finished her own set, she didn’t join Jason for “Lucky”. Instead, Jason said he went outside the theater before the show and found a girl sitting at the front of the line who happened to have a really good voice. Her name was Phoenix and although she looked nervous, she did really well. Congrats on your big break! (Unless you are already locally famous and I’m the only one who didn’t know who you were because I’m not from these here parts.)
  • Why are there so many old people sitting in the first few rows? They sit or stand still through most of the show while the young people who came to dance and have a good time are sitting way behind them.
  • Do any of the other ladies out there rewrite/sing over that one line in “If It Kills Me” to go, “We get along, much better… than you and your wife do”? Anyone? Just curious.
  • Seattle has to be the most well-behaved crowd I’ve seen so far. Maybe that’s related to the previous point – that this crowd seemed to skew older than most others. It was nice though. When Jason got to the quiet parts of “If It Kills Me” and “Song for a Friend”, I was cringing, waiting for some drunk to start screaming, but it stayed quiet. We all got to enjoy this perfect moment of calm and let Jason relax and do his thing.
  • There were some technical difficulties with the screen that was showing the pictures people were emailing in. Eventually the whole screen was covered in black squares that should have been pictures. Canadian Chris said there was a geeky explaination for it, but that it was too difficult to explain (for me, not for him). I didn’t really care enough to press him for more details, but am relieved to know that there are people in the world like him that understand that stuff.
  • At the very end of the show, after the house lights came on, they rolled credits. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention. Interesting note: Toca was listed as “Noel Toca Rivera”. For real? Did we know that already?

Next stop on my Mraz Togetherness Tour ’08: Jacksonville, FL.

Don’t let your mind keep you from having a good time,


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