Jason Mraz: All Wet on ‘Ellen’

Wet, wet, wet.

Wet Wet Wet: Another 80s band Mraz could cover.

I didn’t hear about it until yesterday, but Jason was on the Ellen show Wednesday where he performed “I’m Yours” and then got dunked into a big water tank thing – Brady Bunch style – for charity.

The performance and the dunking are on YouTube already in case you missed it, and I’ll say that even if Mraz wasn’t the one in the tank, it would be fun to watch just because the chick who’s trying to dunk him has really terrible aim.

And would it be sacrilegious to say that I’m getting a little tired of hearing “I’m Yours”? I mean, it’s a great song, but he does have others, and I don’t want to get so burned out on it that I can’t enjoy it anymore. Can we ween the general public off of that one and on to “Make It Mine” or something fresher?

Jon Baron got me listening to classic hits of the 80s yesterday. Now I want to hear Jason cover some Tears for Fears, “Head Over Heels”. He can add that to his other cover songs of the 70s and 80s: Blitzkrieg Bop, Down Under, Summer Breeze.

Don’t take my heart, don’t break my heart, don’t don’t don’t throw it away,


3 responses to “Jason Mraz: All Wet on ‘Ellen’

  • Teri

    Ok I’m not a stalker, I’m really not, but I do love to talk Mraz and I have a bit too much free time on my hands at the moment. I missed him on Ellen because my DVR’s been acting sketchy (and nearly flipped out when I found out what I’d missed, until I found the YouTube clip), but I thought it was interesting when Ellen said in his intro something to the effect of “critics are saying this is the best collection of songs he’s written EVER” – that’s great, but I haven’t been paying attention to reviews so I was just curious what critics said it.

    If WE’RE tired of hearing I’m Yours I can only imagine how Mraz might be feeling about it. I’d go nuts having to sing anything as often as he’s sung that. Although, I still can’t help but sing along whenever it comes on the radio. It just flows… It was disturbing though the first time I saw his video & song in the Overstock.com commercial on tv. I thought “Already? Really?”

    And I have to say I haven’t been wild about a lot of his covers. Often they just don’t seem quite right. I mean I’m always happy to hear his voice, but his Melt With You on the 50 First Dates soundtrack doesn’t do much for me (granted, it’s hard to beat the original), nor does his Build Me Up Buttercup, which he’s apparently doing on tour right now. Maybe I just have a problem when there’s a style mismatch, because I do like his Fly Me To The Moon & Rainbow Connection. And his I Can’t Go For That on the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve was cute, but now rewatching it I realize that’s probably because it was already hinting at the yacht funk to come, and of course it helped that he was all gussied up and having a good time with it and dancing, because of course when he dances it makes everything better.

    Lordy I’m a Mrazgeek.

  • curbsideprophecies

    Hey Teri,

    I’m also wondering how Mraz manages to perform “I’m Yours” five plus times a week for months on end and not get sick of it. I imagine he would say the excitement from the audience – some of whom are hearing him live for the first time – helps him to get excited about it. It’s sort of like an actor on Broadway who has to do the same show night after night and do it like it’s new and excting. Can’t be easy, but there are certainly worse jobs.

    I’ve never heard Jason do “Build Me Up Buttercup”, so thanks for mentioning it. I’ll have a look to see if I can find it online.

    As you point out, if you like the original, then it’s going to be hard to top it, no matter who’s doing the cover. If you don’t like the original though, then you can wind up pleasantly suprised. I’ve never loved Elton John the way some people do, so when I first heard Jason do “Rocket Man” I was blown away to discover it could be a really beautiful, melancholy song, instead of an annoying ditty.

    “Down Under” is a song I’ve always liked, but I love to hear Jason do it. Ditto the “Wonderwall” thing he’s been doing lately.

    I guess we’ll see what tricks he has for us in Berkeley next week.

  • kayla

    I agree.. I actually feel bad for him that he has to listen to “I’m Yours” a million times a day and actually sing it over and over again. I must say one of my favorite Jason covers is “Three Little Birds” … and “Down Under” is actually just funny because it’s just such a dumb song.

    You’re definitely not the only head-over-heels Mraz fan who almost wants to vomit from hearing “I’m Yours” a million times. Especially since we’ve heard it all before in ’04. Which, I must admit, was a much better recording as a B-side than as a #1 single off of a studio album.

    I actually saw him on Ellen, by mistake. I skipped class and was shocked that there wasn’t some kind of announcement on jasonmraz.com. But, I was definitely NOT shocked to see that he was performing I’m Yours. I would love for him to play something else besides “Geek in the Pink” “I’m Yours” “The Remedy” or “You & I Both” on live television. But, however, for those of us who spend money going to his shows are never disappointed =)

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