a thousand things: Get the Mraz Polaroid Book on Sale

a thousand thingsYeah, so this is a little annoying.

I just saw that Target is selling Jason’s new Polaroid photobook, a thousand things, for $25.73, ($29.72 with standard shipping) significantly cheaper than the $44.50 it cost as part of the Ticketmaster pre-sale a while back and the $35 still being charged at the Official Jason Mraz store. I believe the Ticketmaster price included shipping, but the Mraz store does not.

Jason did one of Target’s exclusive “Influences” CDs last year, so maybe he has an ongoing deal with them that allows the lower price – or maybe Target lowered the price on their own in response to the bleak economic outlook for holiday.

But wait… it’s not just Target. Amazon has it for $23.10 ($27.09 with standard shipping).

I’m looking through Ticketmaster and jasonmraz.com and athousandthings.com to see if maybe I’ve missed some significant difference in the books. I’ll let you know what I come up with.


4 responses to “a thousand things: Get the Mraz Polaroid Book on Sale

  • Teri

    Well I think we’re supposed to get an autographed bookmark with the preorder, but yeah that’s a darn expensive bookmark. Just consider it furthering the cause (the Mraz, that is) I guess. Jazzercise is using Lucky for one of their cool-down songs in their new set (they release a new set of routines nationwide to their instructors every 6 weeks or so; and yes I know it sounds totally cheesy to do Jazzercise but as long as I get to dance to fulfill my exercise requirement hey, I’m happy, and if they play a Mraz song I’m EXTRA happy).

  • curbsideprophecies

    Yeah, I thought there was some little extra like that too, but the only thing I can find in writting from Ticketmaster just says: “Jason Mraz Book”. I guess I’ll find out soon enough and be suprised. And then I’ll practice some gratitude 🙂


    im in love with jason mraz the only problem is im from nz where can i get my hands on his book!

  • Ann Icard

    I am very filled with gratitude beyond my wildest dreams!!!! I have no idea how to repay such a gracious and magnanimous gesture….all atographs are on the house. (and any other work required to repay my debt!!)

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