Mraz + Tennant = Seriously Goofy Entertainment

Doctor MrazI got a note from Jen the other day, who wrote to say that, like me, she’s a big fan of both Jason Mraz and David Tennant. I know nothing else about her, but based only on that, I like Jen a lot.

I’ve written before about why it makes perfect sense that fans of one spunk are likely to be fans of the other, but Jen took it another step and combined her love for the duo, creating a YouTube clip that proves Mraz and Tennant are two great tastes that taste great together.

Mmmm… Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Damn Hershey and their catchy slogans that make me crave their sugary goodness.

Spoiler warning: If, like me, you’re in the States and don’t have the Sci-Fi channel to watch the most recent season of Doctor Who, but unlike me you don’t have a seriously sweet co-worker who does have the Sci-Fi channel and records them for you so that you can get your David Tennant fix, then you may not want to see this yet. It includes some big reveals about Season Four, which comes out on DVD November 18th.

If you’re all good with Season Four, then go enjoy Jen’s video. The music works very well with the storytelling of this particular relationship, although I do feel a little bad for Mickey the Idiot. He really is a good guy, just a bit dull compared to a clever, sexy, mysterious Time Lord.

Catch up on past Mraz/Tennant posts:


5 responses to “Mraz + Tennant = Seriously Goofy Entertainment

  • caffempath

    Ahhh my day is complete with a terrific Doctor fix. I took your advice and watched Jen’s video – too sweet for words. Tell Jen I like her too! Yeah, sux being in the US with no BBC1 or BBC2 but thank heaven for You Tube (for current stuff) and the Sci-Fi Channel (for re-runs). Anyway… thanks for the link.

  • curbsideprophecies

    Hello, my mysterious, nameless friend. Glad you enjoyed the video. The song really did fit well with the Doctor and Rose. I mean, those kinds of friends-who-are-more-than-friends-even-though-they-aren’t-hooking-up-and-one-person-may-be-involved-with-someone-else relationships aren’t rare, but the Doctor and Rose had one of the most intense on tv.

    Way more emotionally charged than, say, Tony and Angela. Or Jim and Pam. Maybe not as hot as season one Buffy and Angel, but definitely hotter than Angel and Bones.

    Thanks for stopping by,

  • Jen

    Glad some people are enjoying my video! I thought I’d be a little shameless and post my blog address as well. It isn’t very developed yet, but I’d love for some of you (especially you Lisa) to swing by, check it out, leave some love, and visit from time to time. Starting a blog is a daunting task, but with dedicated bloggers like Lisa to look up to, I feel empowered to put my best foot forward!

    Hope to see you there…

  • Jen

    I’m not sure if you’ve heard… news from GB gets to us a bit slowly here in the U.S. Looking forward to seeing a post from you on all this. I haven’t completely processed it yet.

  • Lynda

    i love mraz and david tennant, too!

    gah, i’m sad about david tennant leaving. he’ll be an actor i will long follow after. i first saw him as ‘casanova’ and i was taken then.

    saw mraz five times last week. it’s just one of those things when you finally find someone you feel strongly about to throw your support. i agree with you lisa. i like his effort to be a better person. it’s a good vibe to spread around.

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