Notes From a Friend in Germany

I just got this comment from Alicia in Germany and I’m making it its own post so that everyone is sure to see it.

Dear Lisa,

Some time ago you asked me to write a review about a Jason Mraz concert in Cologne, Germany. And I did not. The reason is, that I was ashamed and disappointed. That night Jason hardly talked to the audience, just played his songs, did his job and couldn’t wait to get on the bus. A week after that show he wrote in his Blog that he was totally exhausted and even went to see a doctor. Not really a surprise…

Two weeks ago Jason was back in Germany again. The show was super good and a felicitous compensation for what happened a couple of months earlier. He brought Ingrid Michaelson, a blower-trio and his band with him and did his best to entertain the crowd.

The set list:

The boy is gone (solo)
Make it mine
Common pleasure
If it kills me
Live high
Beautiful mess
You and I both
Sleeping to dream
Bella luna
Not so usual
Only human Dynamo of volition
I’m yours – Three little birds

Lucky (with Ingrid Michaelson)
No stopping us
Song for a friend (solo)

You need to know that things have changed for Jason in Europe in the past year. He first came here in the summer of 2007. Did a lot of cute little living room shows, played in stuffy bars and at some festivals and for the first time hung out with his European fans. “I’m yours” became that super summer song everyone knew to sing along and all of a sudden listening to Jason Mraz is a “cool” thing to do… I was very happy that he decided to play some more of the older songs this time and in my opinion the set list was pretty well chosen. The show I went to, in Frankfurt, was his biggest in Germany. Maybe that’s why he picked up his guitar again after the whole band had already left the stage and sang the most wonderful version of “Song for a friend” I have ever heard. Jason definitely left us wanting more, wanting, wanting some more.


Thanks, Alicia! I’ve also seen Mraz when he was not feeling his best. I think it was Halloween about four years ago that he was in San Francisco, and I could feel his frustration at not being able to hit the big notes he usually does. I’m very glad that you didn’t give up on him though, (everyone has their bad days, right?) and that he came back to give you all an excellent show.

I’m ok, you’re ok, we’re ok,


3 responses to “Notes From a Friend in Germany

  • sarah

    Hi Lisa! I love your blog.

    Kind of a random question: I too am going to the San Diego show on Halloween, and I see you went to a Halloween show a few years ago; do people dress up at the Halloween shows? I neither want to be the only person in a costume nor do I want to be the only person not in one…

    Thanks! Hope you have a safe trip making your way to our lovely San Diego.

  • curbsideprophecies

    Hey Sarah,

    Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog. I just wish I had more time to write it.

    I don’t remember anyone in costume last time, but the SF crowd might be too cool for that. Maybe being at a college this time, people will have more fun with it? I don’t know San Diego at all, so I’m not sure what to expect. Being the local, you probably have a better feel for what people will do there.

    I was going to go with some kind of black ensemble – something that could be Halloweenie, or just out for a night on the town. The real question is, where do people go after a show there?

    Hope you have a great time,

  • Mel

    What? Jason returned to Germany? I missed it. 😦
    I do not feel so bad anymore about missing the concert in Cologne after you wrote that he was not feeling well.
    Had I known that he played in Germany again, I would have been there.
    Oh well, my life is even too busy to hear about Jason. It’ll get better. I am glad you enjoyed the concert and thanks for the set list! 🙂

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