Preorder the Mraz Book & Give Me Something to Write About

Business first: Today’s email from says:

This is the last week to pre-order Jason’s debut photography book a thousand things!

Featuring a foreword by Graham Nash, a thousand things is a poetic, color-filled travelogue of the myriad people and places encountered in the artist’s constant travels around the world. Dedicated to “those who stood still and those who don’t,” a thousand things includes cityscapes, landscapes, portraits, selfportraits, and still lifes?the amazing “thousand things” that surround each of us in our daily lives, if we only take a moment to see.

As an added bonus, when you spend $35 or more you can choose one free item from our Special Freebies Department.

Don’t miss out – pre-order your copy now!



And before you get too excited by the word “freebies”, I’ll tell you that they’re mostly stuff from the, what, 2006? tour. Call it the Selections for Friends tour, unless I’ve gotten my shirts confused. But hey, the book could be fun, so if you didn’t preorder it when you got your tickets for the current tour, you can order it now.

Next, I’d like to say that I feel a little bad about how little effort I’ve put in here in the last few weeks. I have bunches of excuses, mostly to do with time, but I promised myself that I’d make a bigger effort this month, and I haven’t. That should change though as Jason’s North American tour is in full swing and there will be lots to write about.

Thursday night I’m headed cross-country to visit friends who are like family and we’re going to see Mraz Friday night at the Orpheum. These are the people I saw my first Mraz show with (“with whom I saw my first show”, for you grammar sticklers), so it will be excellent to share this with them, then have lots of drinks, share some gossip, and fly back to S.F. in time for work Monday morning.

I’ll have a full post-show report when I return. If any of you want to share a show review, set list, personal experience or whatever, post it here in the comments and I’ll call it out to share with others.

We’re in this love together,

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