Mraz Endorses Morrison for VP of Zeal

Jason writes:

James Morrison, My Friend, Whom we all know as the guest Vocalist on Details in the Fabric, is about to release his second album (Songs for You, Truths for Me). If the new one is anything like his first mega-successful soul album then we’re all in for a treat. I know James and how truly musical and passionate he is about his art and words and I look forward to this new collection of songs with zeal.


I find Jason’s random use of capitalization endearing, but I’m glad I never had to grade his English papers.

James Morrison’s last album, Undiscovered, was excellent, perfect for blasting in the car with the windows down. While I’ve only listened to the new album once so far, I think it’s another hit. Find it on iTunes or visit


2 responses to “Mraz Endorses Morrison for VP of Zeal

  • Teri

    Hmm… yeah I think he meant he was looking forward with zeal to enjoying the songs, not that Morrison’s songs are filled with zeal. But thanks for being our diligent Ministress of Mrazinformation!

  • curbsideprophecies

    Yeah, that’s how I read it too, but I started that headline and couldn’t think of exactly how to finish it (VP of… English Guitar Dudes? … Crooning? … Weird Hair?) and the word “zeal” was sitting there so I grabbed it. I think it’s a fun word that doesn’t get used nearly enough.

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