Jason Mraz Wants YOU! (to Vote)

Pledge to VoteIf I was better with Photoshop I’d whip up an Uncle Sam/Jason Mraz hybrid with some big “Vote!” message. But I’m not, so I won’t. Here’s a snapshot from YouTube instead.

To help get people registered to vote, Jason is offering to perform a free concert at the college that gets the most people signed up via the link shown at the end of the video. Now, that seems to be unfair to schools that already have a large number of registered voters, as well as to people like me who graduated college back when Dawson’s Creek was still on the air, but it’s a good cause, so I’m happy he’s supporting it.

Watch the Message of Mrazand then get your friends organized to get people signed up. Here’s a tip: College kids will do just about anything for free food. Set up a mini buffet in your dorm room and as soon as people come in for some pizza or Oreos, lead them to your computer and get them registered. Turn it into a party. Play some Mraz, have a sing-along, offer manicures and makeovers, do some speed dating, whatever it takes to win this thing.

Would it take a baker’s dozen to get my point to you?


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