Couch-Surfing Mraz Fan Seeks A… Uh… Couch

A city full of couches.

San Diego: A city full of couches.

Headlines are always the hardest part to write. This one made me think of, “Allow myself to introduce… myself.”

Here’s the deal. A while back I wrote about the guy who went around the world and made the video of himself dancing with all kinds of people in crazy locations. I thought it would be fun to do the same thing, minus the silly dancing (at least on camera) but with a Mraz theme.

I’m not going around the world, just yet, but a friend and I did get tickets for Jason’s shows in San Diego (on Halloween) and LA (Nov. 1st) and when the topic of where we should stay came up, I said, “Well, let’s ask the fans.”

So if anyone would like to offer a guest room, couch or floor to a couple of very well-mannered house guests, I would love to meet you. We can make a Mraz weekend out of it, see some of his San Diego sights, road trip up to LA, have a sort of Northern California – Southern California cultural exchange.

I’m also going to shows in Boston, Jacksonville, FL, and Seattle. And maybe Berkeley. I have friends to stay with in those places (and I swear, I’m not a groupie, I just had a lot of people I wanted to visit and the tour dates happened to fit in nicely with my travel dates), but if you want to have a drink, say hi and talk Mraz for a while, leave me a comment and I’ll be in touch.

In all kinds of weather we would share this common pleasure, (an oldie, but a goodie)


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