Can You Ever Have Too Much Mraz?

Mraz on Overstock.comApparently so, because he’s’s hot new thing. Apparently he’s featured in a commercial that’s running, but I haven’t seen it yet. He’s featured on their site as well, so if you’ve been looking for a good price on Jason Mraz CDs, now’s the time to get them. It could be your one-stop Christmas shopping place.

It’s still weird for me to see Mraz be so popular and commercial and… you know…  heard of. For years I could mention him and have people just look at me like, “Yeah, never heard of him. I’m sure he’s swell, whatever, stop talking to me now, but leave the brownies.”

Lately though, I turn on the radio, flip past MTV or VH1, open a magazine, and there he is. Huh. It’s good though. More people to prophecize to and stuff, right?

Meanwhile, I just keep listening to the Dr. Horrible soundtrack (now available on iTunes). Neil Patrick Harris is the man. (“Balls.”)

Underthings, tumbling,


One response to “Can You Ever Have Too Much Mraz?

  • Nancy

    I know exactly what you mean. For years I’ve been saying my god this guy is talented, you really should check him out. And now they are. And I’m happy he’s getting the recognition he deserves but…well, you know. And Make It Mine is on the Jazzercise “playing now” list! It makes me wonder who I’ll be seeing in the audience at the berkeley show!

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