Watch Jason Mraz’s Playlist on VH1

Mraz on VH1I was trying to find this Mraz thing on the VH1 site, which could use some serious usability testing and reorganization, and noticed that one of the their top videos on the homepage is from New Kids on the Block. I knew they were touring, but a hot new video? I must watch so that I can spend my weekend pondering whether or not I wasted my teenage years drooling over Jordan Knight. I think he’s aged better than some, but we’ll see.

First, check out Jason Mraz’s “My Playlist”.

Jason does a short intro for each of his video picks, and in true Mraz style he mixes some new videos that everyone likes with some you might not have heard of and a couple of old ones that you might not remember. The collection here reminds me a little of the “Influences” mix CD he did for Target, but, you know, in video form.

Jason has an awfully good memory for a guy who… um… is over 30. Yeah, that’s where I was going with that.

Summer summer summertime,

Update: New Kids has an exclusive Walmart Soundcheck thingy with their song “Summertime”. Ha! (And no, not the same DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince “Summertime” that I referenced above.) They still dance and everything but the song sounds pretty generic, even for them. I wonder if Backstreet and N Sync could get in on this action.


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