Mraz’s Crazy Man’s Hard Day’s Night

That’s far too many apostrophes in one headline, but they’re there now and I’m not moving them.

Sing it, Captain!

Sing it, Captain!

I was watching some of the new Jason Mraz clips on YouTube (his official ones, which seem to still be endorsed by him unlike the fan videos which are not, unless they are).

Crazy Man’s Ju-Ju Part Nine is a video for “Make It Mine” that was shot in London. I don’t know that it’s an official video that we’ll see on VH1 some day, but it’s well done and matches the joy and fun of the song pretty well. Jason splashes around on a beach looking alternately writer’s blocked and relieved and playful, and then looking like Ringo in Hard Day’s Night, one of my favorite movies ever.

Mostly, it’s the hat. Just as I thought Mraz looked like a stick figure Renoir on the new album covers, in this captain’s hat he looks like Ringo as he wallows by the water while “This Boy” plays in the background.

Ringo StarrThe effect is lost once Mraz puts on the bathrobe, but this makes two Beatles now that he’s reminded me of, the first being a young Paul McCartney during a performance in Sweden. I think it’s the ecstatic grin and the way his head bobbles around.

In both performances, the boy shakes it good. Go watch.

I la la la la love this,


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