Mraz Does Wimbledon and Yoga

Where to begin? Let’s start in Sydney. Over the weekend I got this email from a friend of mine there:

Hi Lisa,

Swear to God, Jason Mraz was practicing one mat away from me at the yoga studio last night.

He has an excellent bum, by the way.


There’s no way to completely verify this information, it’s not like I have access to Jason’s daily schedule, but I think Heather would know Mraz if she saw him. Plus, she’s been at the same yoga place for ages now, so when a new face shows up to class, and an American face at that, she probably gets all the details.

Next. While Mraz was getting himself centered Down Under, his music turned up a few places in the wide world of sports. If you were watching Wimbledon you may have caught a little vignette using “Make It Mine”, and during a story about U.S. Olympic swimmer Dara Torres they used the opening bit of “I’m Yours”. They tend to recycle these things, so don’t be surprised if you see/hear them again.

Finally, I was just looking at Mraz’s site for tour updates and I noticed that the taping policy has been updated. It doesn’t say what exactly has changed, but I did notice that there is specific language that says video taping is not allowed. In an interview a few months ago, Jason said he’s not really loving all the YouTube videos that pop up after shows and would prefer that people stick to audio only.

In the latest official Mraz newsletter that was sent out though, there’s a link to a YouTube video taken by a fan at the Shepherd’s Bush show where James Morrison joined Mraz on stage for “Details in the Fabric”.

So. Yeah. No video taping. Unless it’s something unique. Or unless it involves James Morrison. Or unless it’s in England. I dunno. I hate mixed signals.

Up, up, up and away,


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