Mraz Live at the Highline Ballroom, NY

Mraz at the Highland

Mraz at the Highland

If you didn’t catch Jason when he was touring the U.S. earlier this year, AOL has his show at the Highline Ballroom available to watch at It’s not as good as being there (you have to watch commercials), but it’s not bad (the view is up close and unobstructed). Also, he starts off with “Plane”, which is my favorite song (most days) and he plays it all stripped down (musically stripped, not naked), which I think is the only real way to hear it.

Tickets for the Fall 2008 U.S. and Canadian tour are still available. Check, or visit Jason’s tour page for all the cities and dates. Tour page, tour page, tour page is all the rage. What is it for page? Yes, the information to the tours page.

I like to visit the page just to listen to Jason sing the “Information Jason” song. And I like the way he says “If you look close enough… really close”, like he’s on Sesame Street and teaching us about the pollen in a flower.

Anyway, I already got my tickets in a mad flurry of spending, but I’ll save those details for another time. When the guilt has faded. And the credit card bill has been paid.

Taste past the tip of your tongue,


One response to “Mraz Live at the Highline Ballroom, NY

  • Stacey


    I just wanted to give kudos to you for your website, which I visit frequently. You are a true Mraz fan and you prove so with every post. Thank you so very much for taking the time out of your busy day to blog about such an amazing person. You have a brilliant mind. Keep up the good work!


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