All Roads Lead Back to Mraz

Robert Pattinson. Tasty.

Robert Pattinson. Tasty.

I got a little distracted last week, thanks to my friends and the distracting things they send me, but it didn’t matter. I was Googling Robert Pattinson – one of the many things I would like to do to him (so English, so yummy) – and I came across more than one fangirl blog that had pictures of him alongside pictures of our Prophet Mraz. Usually the underwear photo, but others as well.

I also found a few sites that had Pattinson, Mraz AND David Tennant. I think this shows what good taste we all have, to recognize how different these three men are, and yet drool over appreciate them all equally. (Even Robert Pattinson likes Doctor Who.)

Then I get back to work on Monday morning and have an email from a coworker who I’ve chatted with a few times, but don’t know particularly well. He said:

Hi Lisa,

I was over by your pod and I saw that you had a sticker of Jason Miraz. No big deal but one of my really good friends that I grew up with is in his music video, he’s the one that looks like Jesus skating

Happy Monday!
Hells yeah it’s a Happy Monday! I went over to his desk for more details and he pulled the I’m Yours video up on YouTube to show me. It’s his friend’s truck that Jason is riding in the back of – the truck he didn’t even kow he was going to get into until he arrived in Hawaii, according to this VH1 interview – and his friend is seen in lots of the skateboarding shots. Like he said, the Jesus-looking one.

So there you go. Considering he’s a singer that most people have never heard of (and whose name they can’t spell), we’re all just two or three degrees from Mraz at any time.

We are one big family,


2 responses to “All Roads Lead Back to Mraz

  • chocolate lover

    you are crazy funny cute. yeah i said it cute.thank you for being a friend.
    travel down the road and back again.
    your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidant. if you dont recognize the last three lines then shame on you. they are the first three lines of the golden girls theme song.

  • mayytee=))


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