Dr. Horrible’s Evil Ending! Grrr! Arrg!

Dr. Horrible

Dr. Horrible

*Warning! Spoilers below!* 

Joss, Joss, Joss. Why?

Why must you toy with us like this? Why do you make us wait and wait for something fresh and new (well, networks are mostly to blame for that), then give us a spoonful of your perfect, clever lovin’ to make us remember how happy and entertained you can make us feel, but then snatch our satisfaction away in the last few seconds with a, “What the hell?” and then make us wait even more to find out what happens next? Or if anything will happen next? (Please, please, please say the sequel is in the works.)

I loved Dr. Horrible (the character and the mini-movie). The ending was almost too Willow and Tara, but still moving. The ending ending was the bit I don’t think anybody saw coming, and it’s driving me crazy, but in a good way. A way that makes me want more. Is Dr. Horrible really some guy in, I dunno, maybe a mental institution who’s been imagining the whole thing? Nah. Too silly.

Maybe it was a “Lost”-style flash-forward and Dr. Horrible has returned to living life as a normal guy? Or maybe it’s a story-in-a-story type deal with Billy in the Joss Whedon role, fantasizing about these characters he’s invented?

Or maybe Joss has something even better up his sleeve, being far more experienced at dreaming outside the box than I am.

Uuugggggh! The waiting is going to eat me up. But as long as I have some time on my hands, may as well watch it again 🙂


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