Mraz on Letterman: Don’t You Think He Looks Tired?

No, I’m not trying to bring down the Mraz government à la David Tennant in pyjamas. (And isn’t that just the best episode? He looks sexy and powerful, but cozy and a little tousled at the same time. All rude and not ginger, pressing buttons and smiling and then getting all serious with his, “no second chances” mean face. Love it.)

I just mean that our Mraz is looking a wee bit worn. Gaunt, even. He’s starting to more closely resemble his album cover, all angles and cheekbones and hat. I hope he can squeeze some R&R into his crazy tour schedule.

If you didn’t see Letterman last night, Jason and the band performed “I’m Yours”. It was more like the tour version than the album version, which I appreciated. No need to dumb things down for people who have only heard one version of the song and don’t know that it’s evolved over the past, what, three years?

Dr. HorribleThe clip should pop up on YouTube soon enough. Until then, go watch Joss Whedon’s new Internet musical, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, or try to anyway. It’s having some technical difficulties right now, but I’m sure it’s worth the wait:

Wow. Mraz, David Tennant, and Joss Whedon, all in one post. That’s like the holy trinity of geek entertainment or something.

Once more with feeling,


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