Make it Mine (in a Banana Suit)

Jon Baron walked into the office on Tuesday and said, “I just helped a banana into the building.”

I thought it was nice that Jon had a little banana friend that only he could see. We all need to let our imagination run wild sometimes, and if that leads to fruit-centric fantasies, then so be it.

But then Jon explained that the banana was in fact a man in a banana suit who came to pass out free fruit. There were apples and peaches and angelcots and nectarines and other yummyjuicy goodies that our company thought would make us happier and healthier and cost them less in health care than free chips and soda.

The banana man came around to our desks to give us, what else? Bananas. And to my suprise he didn’t look the least uncomfortable or embarassed by his long, yellow suit. He was a proud fruit man. He believed in organic, locally grown produce and he didn’t care who knew it!

If there’s one message that our Prophet Mraz has consistently pushed, it’s that you have to do what you love, no matter how silly or ridiculous other people may find it. For this guy, that passion included a banana suit. Bananas. Not money or fancy cars or… guns. How did I get from bananas to guns? Doctor Who. If you can’t make all those connections, I can’t help you.

It’s you who’s got it all,

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