Jason Mraz’ “We Dance” On Backorder

We DancePlease refrain from making wild accusations of theft and sabotage against your postal delivery professional. There is nothing wrong with your mail.

After turning my little brown cardboard envelope thingy over and shaking it until there was no possible way that anything was left inside, I was a little baffled about where my “We Dance” CD – part of the preorder package I selected back in March – had gone. A packaging error perhaps?

I then went to the Jason Mraz Offical Store to check my order status, and sure enough:

JZCD07 We Dance. EP CD   Backorder 1 $4.99 $4.99

Isn’t part of the idea behind a preorder to estimate demand and be prepared for it? And couldn’t they have at least included a little note saying that the CD wasn’t overlooked and would be on its way shortly?

There’s no estimated arrival date listed on the site, but I suppose it’s not a big deal since the download was available ages ago. We already have the music, just not the material goods. I’m going to be very zen about it and just accept that the CD will show up when it’s good and ready, and be thankful for everything else I have received.

How can you sleep at a time like this?


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