New Mraz Album Today. Sing, Dance, Try Not to Steal Things.

We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.Huh. For some reason I had this on my calendar for next Tuesday, so I didn’t even rush into work this morning to download the last tracks. Of course, they’ve been on Myspace for the last week, so this isn’t our first chance to hear them, but still. You’d think I would have remembered this was happening.

There’s also a contest going on, a whole new Mraz store on Zazzle with designs that mostly make me say “meh”, and two new Mraz videos on YouTube for you to watch. I’m going to go enjoy those then put in some Scrabbulous time. Jon Baron can’t be allowed to win yet another game. It’s going straight to his head. There’ll be no living with him soon.

Get ’em up way high; Gimme that high five,


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