A Belated “Thank You” to Musictoday

We DanceYou might have seen my mini-rant a couple of weeks ago when the “We Dance” download wasn’t working properly from the musictoday site. It was mostly aggravating because the download for “We Sing” had the same problem and I was hoping all the kinks would have been worked out in time for the second album.

Maybe there were just too many Jason Mraz fans trying to download their bit of happiness all at once, or maybe my computer was pitching a fit, but after waiting a couple of hours and trying again, I was able to download the new songs just fine and pretty much forgot about the trouble until I checked my email the next day and found this lovely note from a Mr. Charles Dart regarding my troubles:

Dear Lisa,

I noticed your entry about the Jason Mraz download on Curbside Prophecies. Please accept my apologies for all the problems surrounding this release. I only hope that you did not succumb to the temptation to download this release from iTunes. You should not pay twice for product that we failed to deliver correctly.

As stated in the first email you received, we did have unexpected technical difficulties with the ‘We Dance’ download. I am pleased that we were able to address these issues in a timely manner.

The error message you received during your second attempt to download ‘We Dance’ may have been a result of not having the latest version of Java installed on your machine. This error also shows when the user’s machine has anti virus and spyware programs installed. It is, however, my belief that the error was Java related.

I am refunding you $4.99 to your credit card ending with XXXX. This is being done with the assumption that you accessed the download from iTunes.

Please see the instructions below for some assistance with accessing your download.


Charles Dart

Isn’t that excellent customer service? I was very impressed, so impressed in fact that I wrote Charlie back to say that the refund wasn’t necessary because I did get what I paid for, fair and square. Most of all it made me think how nice it is to live in the world of Mraz, how many good, kind things can happen to you when you’re in with the right kind of (phrase) crowd.

It also made me wonder how they knew what my credit card number was, just based on my blog, but I try not to think about my total loss of personal privacy too much, so I’ll just smile and be thankful that they tried to give me money back instead of taking more 🙂

Make it mine (if I can get the link to work),


One response to “A Belated “Thank You” to Musictoday

  • Upset NIN Fan

    My experience with Music Today has been completely the opposite. I was told I could not receive a refund for a concert I am unable to attend. To me, that’s very poor customer service. Music Today chose to not do the right thing and instead chose to hide behind their Terms & Conditions.

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