The Music, Magic & Makepeace Tour on YouTube

If you can’t get to one of the shows, or if you went and want to relive the good times, there are dozens of videos popping up on YouTube every day. I’m reluctant to recommend them now that I know Jason doesn’t love it, but then again, I feel the pain of fans who would love to see Mraz live and can’t.

So, here’s my compromise. Mraz did a live performance for a radio station in San Jose, CA on April 4th, and the video from it is excellent quality. There are no fans screaming into the microphone, it’s not all shaky and garbled, and nobody’s head is blocking the screen. Check it out here, or just look up the user darrinshimizu.

“But Lisa”, you’re asking, “what about Bushwalla and the Makepeace Brothers? They aren’t in this video.”

You’re right, so here’s my favorite of those clips:

“Acoustic Rhymer” in Santa Cruz 4/4/08:

Makepeace Brothers
“Caroline” in Chicago 4/9/08:

And here’s one more Mraz clip I just found and liked:
Mraz in South Korea
Nobody Likes Me / You and I Both:


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