Let the 2008 Pilgrimage Begin

You learn something new every day, and today I learned that “pilgrimage” only has one M. And yes, I get paid to write for a living. Viva Spellcheck and Dictionary.com!

Jason MrazTonight’s the night – the first of three Mraz shows in six days! I really would have been stoked to have just one, but he booked two Northern California dates, and while Santa Cruz isn’t exactly in my backyard, it’s not far enough to say no to. Plus, I’m kind of thinking that Mraz booked that show just so he could get some surfing in, so maybe the show will have a whole beachy vibe to it (which is why I’m “stoked” about the show and not just “happy” or “pleasantly suprised”.)

Then, next week I get to see Mraz in Chicago. I hadn’t planned for that to happen, I had really never given any thought to Chicago as a vacation destination at all. Chicago has never really piqued my interest, except as the backdrop for “Early Edition”, the show in which Kyle Chandler was completely adorkable.

But, a few planets aligned, some friends gave me more than the very little encouragement I needed to plan the trip, and so I’m making a 36-hour jaunt to catch Mraz in middle America, rushing back in time to be at my desk and half-asleep about 12 hours after the show ends. 

I can’t wait to see Bushwalla live and find out what Jason and his whole gang of merry men have planned for us. He says to “expect the unexpected”. All I expect from seeing Mraz three times in one week is to walk away feeling calm and serene and spiritual and fulfilled in all kinds of sexycreative ways. I would say that Mraz is like a chiropractor for the soul, snapping it back into place and getting our priorities and passions and purposes all aligned, but that would sound goofy, even for me 🙂

Live mighty,


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