Jason Mraz Went to Africa and All I Got Was This Lovely Blog Post

Why travel? To get away from home. To see something new. To take pictures that will make your friends jealous. To have flings with cute boys/girls you meet on buses and boats and in hostels. To improve your collection of coasters or keychains or smashed pennies. To leave someone behind. To get to someone else. To change who you are. Ooh, wait. That’s a really good reason. And maybe to change the world? A lofty ambition, but not impossible.

Mraz and a giraffeSo our Prophet Mraz recently made a stop in South Africa to check out the scene there, talk to the people, see what life is all about in that part of the world. He’s a philosopher and poet and adventurer and surfer and lover and dreamer, and being a man of the world, a child of the earth and all, it stands to reason that he was a little disturbed to find that things aren’t as happy and free and cuddly as people had hoped they would be post-Apartheid.

In his online journal he writes:

“I’m writing this today because I left there a bit shaken. I’m sure there are plenty of people in this world who like me, are not keen to all the facts and all the news there is to know. I’ve lived my whole life with an “ignorance is bliss” attitude, and for many years it worked just dandy.

I don’t expect you to save South Africa. Nor do I insist you look into adopting an orphan child. I guess I’m just hoping that by sharing my travels, you yourself will have curiosities of your own.”

Be curious. Travel. Share. Continue the cycle and suck others into it until we’re all one big jacuzzi of travelers, learning and growing and working to understand each other.

And don’t forget to buy a keychain and take a few awesome pictures while you’re at it. And send some to me.

I thumbed a ride across the prairie,


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