I Forgot My Mraztastic Birthday!

Oh my goodness! I can’t believe I missed it! Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my first blog entry. (Can it be a birthday and an anniversary? Of course it can. There are no rules in the Mraztubationatory world.)

It’s all very timely. I feel like I was out of the Mraz loop for a whilte. He wasn’t touring, there wasn’t a lot of news going on, and I was busy with my own life. But now there’s a lot of chatter about an upcoming album, he’s back on the road soon, and I’m in a space where it feels good to reconnect with Jason and his music. I’d like to spend this weekend in bed, snuggled up deliciously with “Galaxy”, “1,000 Things” and maybe one of the live shows from his Christina Aguilera-cover days.

Take off both your shoes and clothes, I’ll follow.


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