It’s a Torchwood Post With Very Little Mraz Content

James MarstersFirst: Today is the deadine for the Design a Jason Mraz Tshirt contest. Go to for details.

Next: Let’s talk about my prophetic abilities as they relate to television. For New Year’s I said one of my wishes for 2008 was a project that would bring together Russell T. Davies and Joss Whedon. I said, “It would be the greatest cowboy/vampire-loves-an-English-shopgirl/hooker-traveling-through-time-and-space show ever.”

Well, they came close to fulfilling my hope for a meeting of Doctor Who World and the Buffyverse. James Marsters, the Biggest Bad of them all, has made his way to “Torchwood”, the “Doctor Who” spinoff. If I’d been more up on my sci-fi TV news I probably would have known this was happening ages ago, but I wasn’t and I didn’t, so I’m claiming this as a prediction come true. Try and stop me.

I wasn’t so hot on season one of “Torchwood”; Captain Jack was too angry and un-Jack like for me, almost like he was a different character altogether than the loveable, sexually liberal, Broadway hunk/cheeky con man John Barrowman I loved so much from “Doctor Who”. 

(Sidenote: I just got the film “De-Lovely” from Netflix. Barrowman plays one of Cole Porter’s young lovers and he performs a version of “Night and Day” that is de-lovely indeed. The rest of the film is meh, although Robbie Williams and Alanis Morisette are both fun to watch.)

But season two is infinitely more interesting with the addition of James Marster’s Captain Spike, er… John. He’s not blond, but he is English again, which is always hot on him. No long black leather jacket, but he’s got some sexy military style, and he gets to do the thing again where he’s dangerous, but charming, a murderer who you wouldn’t mind having a drink with.

Now if we could only get Groo to join the team as a fairy tale prince come to life, or maybe Xander could be the new Mickey Smith. Is Nicolas Brendan up to anything else these days?

Let the games begin,


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