A Mraz-Flavored Holiday

Boston skyline

I’m back. I was away, in case you didn’t know, but then I came back from away, and now I’m here.

I went to Florida and saw a friend and her kids, then I went to Boston and saw another friend and his new kid, and another friend’s new boyfriend, and then some friends who didn’t have anyone new to show off, but who I was very glad to see all the same. It was cold in Boston but I didn’t mind because it made me nostalgic for all those winters I spent there, playing in the snow and walking through the Common when it was covered in white fluff. Ah, the good ol’ days.

I missed my blog while I was gone, but I always felt like Mraz was nearby. Not, like, in a creepy way. Just in spirit. My last night there, my friend, Justin, and I went into the bar at the Omni Parker House for chowder and Boston creme pie (they invented it there, don’tcha know), and just as we sat down and shook some of the chill off us, “Wordplay” came on over the speakers, so we got to relax and have a round of drinks with Mr. A-Z. It was a pretty perfect moment in a trip full of excellent ones.

Justin finally got his passport last month, so I hope my next trip with him is an exotic one. Recommendations?

I don’t know which way my brain is going,


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