My Mrazamonious Christmas Wish List

Mraz stickersHere it is, Christmas Eve day. Presents are wrapped and under the tree. My refrigerator is full of tasty treats. Wrappers and crumbs of other tasty treats are sprinkled around the house, evidence of a weekend of pre-holiday gluttony/festivities. And I’m at work. Yay.

It’s not so bad being at work. It feels like the last few days of finals in college when some people have already packed up and gone and it’s just the poor saps who have a test scheduled for the last possible time slot who are still hanging out in the lounge trying to study, or picking through the dining hall’s reduced offerings. The halls here are quiet. My inbox is full of “Out of office” messages from those who had better things to do today. The freeway was even empty, allowing me to get here in less than half my usual time.

Now that I have a few free moments to myself, I’m thinking about what I really want for Christmas. It’s a pretty short list. There’s nothing I really need as far as gadgets and gifts, but I do have a few wishes.

1. I would like decent weather when I visit my Boston friends next month. It doesn’t have to hit 70, I’m just hoping for something over 30. Dry would be nice too, but a little snow would be ok. Just not horrible rainstorms.

I just jinxed myself into being caught in horrible rainstorms, didn’t I?

2. I want a new Jason Mraz acousitc album – just Jason and a guitar doing something beautiful. When I said, “just Jason” did anyone else immediately picture “Just Jack!”?

3. I want my English boy to come and visit for at least two weeks next summer. We haven’t seen each other in three years, and a healthy friendship can only be sustained for so long over email.

4. I would like to spend at least two weeks out of the country. I think that’s necessary to maintain any kind of decent world perspective. Another hemisphere would be ideal.

5. I really want some cookies. But that’s like a Now thing, not a Wish for the Future thing. I’m going to go scavenge. You all get back to your wrapping and baking and merry making.

Happy Christmas,


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