If You Like Jason Mraz, You Have Good Taste

SplashdownNo, wait. I meant to say, “If you like Jason Mraz, you’ll love Splashdown.” I just got a little sidetracked. It happens to me a lot, especially when there’s a shiny tin of cookies on my desk. Mmm, shiny and tasty. Taste good. Good taste. You see how it happens?

Really though, if I can turn a few people on to one of my most favorite bands ever, then I’ve done my good, Mraztabatory deed for the day. (When I have to tell you that the band broke up a few years ago and is no longer making new music, you may be less thankful, but you really ought to learn to take what you can get.)

Visit Splashdown’s myspace page and listen to “Asia at Odd Hours”. It will make you happier than your credit cards ever have.


2 responses to “If You Like Jason Mraz, You Have Good Taste

  • cris

    check out universal hall pass (the lead singer’s new band) and symbion project, cynthia von buhler… hmm i guess just search for their new stuff, it’s very good.

  • curbsideprophecies

    Hi Cris,

    Thanks for the recommendation! I just grabbed Universal Hall Pass’ “Subtle Things” off of iTunes and after just a few minutes I can tell I’m going to love it. If I could have just one semi-superpower, it would be to be able to sing like Melissa Kaplan. I’ll check out Symbion Project next.

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