Mraz Declares Himself God (of Galaga)

I love misleading headlines, and I thought that one would have a ring of the infamous “John Lennon says the Beatles are bigger than Jesus” incident, which was blown so far out of proportion.

Milo VentimigliaI was watching “Help!” last weekend and decided that while Mraz would make a good Paul McCartney, Milo Ventimiglia wouldn’t be a bad George Harrison. I feel a VH1 bio-pic coming on. (I managed to spell “Ventimiglia” right even before I looked it up. All those “Gilmore Girls” hours really paid off.)

Back to Mraz. I enjoy the way he loudly declares himself supreme ruler of the Galaga universe while at the same time admitting that it’s not something most people would be proud of. He builds himself up and then knocks himself down, but gently, lovingly, self-depricatingly. The post, after all, is titled: “If I wasn’t such a dork i’d be really awesome.” I appreciate the mixed feelings of contentment and awkwardnessGeorge Harrison because I feel that way pretty much all the time – geeky enough to spend lunch with a co-worker discussing how exactly the TARDIS manages to be so much bigger on the inside and how many rooms it has, but awesome enough to feel confident that during this conversation, the same co-worker is probably half-daydreaming about running off to Vegas with me for the weekend, but then deciding that I’m probably imagining that myself, and he’s really just being polite.

It’s a fine line we sexygoofballs walk.

Hey, it’s a thingie! A fiendish thingie!


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