Welcome, Right Kind of Phrasers and Mrazonites

Jason MrazThe chatters over at Right Kind of Phrase (the ultimate Jason Mraz forum) gave me some kudos, so I’d like to do the same and recommend that if you want to talk about all things Mrazian you go over and say “hello”. Or “Zoo bah dow tee dum di ay”, if you want to use that special language that only we understand. You can also post comments here. Please do. I like to know who’s stopped by 🙂

I’ve never been a forum girl myself. It’s a big committment, and I just don’t want the responsibility of maintaining that many relationships on a daily basis. I think it’s great though, and I like to stop in sometimes just to see what others are talking about. I suppose it’s one of those situations where the line, “Don’t want it to ever stop…  I don’t want to be tied down” comes in handy. I can also think of situations involving handcuffs, but we’ll save that for another time.

For you Phrasers stopping by for the first time, have a look at how this all started. Learn the non-rules, try not to follow them, and stay as disorganized a faux-religion as possible. That’s how Philip Pullman would want it.

Sitting in the corner in the dark (with all of you),


2 responses to “Welcome, Right Kind of Phrasers and Mrazonites

  • Wiwik

    Phraser stopping by. Fun short Mraz-notes. It feels like reading Mrazian quotes and facts I read before. Never mind, I spend too much time Mrazzing my world. And I’m still amazed how my follow up sentences have nothing to do with the sentences I wrote before the follow ups. Even I can’t follow my own speech.

  • Lisa

    Um, yes. Exactly. Thanks for reading 🙂

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